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Experience in manufacturing garments.

We Develop the Fashion Brands of Tomorrow

It has been thirty-six years of experience as Jiangsu Sunshine Group, with enough experience on manufacturing garments as Sunshine Ethiopia Wool Textile Plc over 4 years. Since we have started our textile manufacturing firm, and supply garment products to some reputed fashion brands across Europe, America, Japan and China.

Sunshine Ethiopia Wool Textile Plc professional planning & production team has an advanced manufacturing knowledge and extensive experience in suit products, such as extra fine fabrics and elegant haute couture fashions.

All production steps from wool top dyeing to spinning, weaving to finished fabrics, from cutting to sewing, packaging and controlling, all value-added procedures, are handled by our well-qualified employees which keeps our costs attractive.

We’re specialized in manufacturing of suit uniform that reflects the latest trends and consumer needs.

In addition to that our satisfied reference customer prove us right, that we deliver high-quality for a reasonable price. We use the latest technology throughout our production facilities to produce, control and deliver high quality products to our customers.

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Our company Design collection always represents the latest fashion trends.