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What Make Us Strong



We produce our own fabric research and our own fabrics, our stock with approximately 150,000 meters of suit fabric per month and our cutting and production lines are supported with the latest technology are always ready for production. This gives a smooth line for garment manufacturing.


Producing continuous both Fabric designs and Garment designs collections with its vision, exempt and creative design team supported by the latest technology closely following the trend. Firstly, all processes from yarn entry to final product referral are examined, inspected and developed within the framework of ISO quality management system. We utilize our extensive sourcing and manufacturing knowledge to develop garments, fabric and trims with the capability of manufacturing woven Clothes.


Because we have experienced and skilled workforce, we have customer demand, expectation and satisfaction in our focus


Sunshine Ethiopia Wool Textile Plc (Newbridge Garment Ethiopia Plc) recognizes that “compliance” means more than observing laws and regulations. A company is a member of society that must live up to the expectations of its stakeholders and act in a socially responsible manner.

This is the real meaning of compliance:  to ensure that every individual in the company has a strong awareness of responsibilities and to ensure that all activities adhere to high ethical standards.

The top management sends a message that defines the company stance on compliance: “When you are faced with a choice between integrity and profit, choose integrity without hesitation.”

The objective of the company is to maintain a much better, greener environment and a sustainable suit supply chain to ensure that our responsibility to our society and our business associates are fulfilled.

Sunshine Ethiopia Wool Textile Plc (Newbridge Garment Ethiopia Plc) works on various projects to supply our products at the highest ethical and environmental codes making sure that our dedication is not limited with only the environment and ethical compliance but also covers building brighter future generations through donating learning facilities for students and also give jobs to the society.

Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen compliance and sustainability even further through a range of initiatives.

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Our company Design collection always represents the latest fashion trends.