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What We Achieved Now

We Develop the Fashion Brands of Tomorrow

Organized an excellent Planning and designing team.

The Well-established workflow of design lead product planning that matches customer’s need with high sell-through rates, backed by cutting-edge information aggregated to the design office in Adama- Ethiopia. Garment Manufacturing line enabling a short delivery period. Business relationship with Customs Commission Addis Ababa Airport Customs Branch Office, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Republican Guard, Federal Housing Federation and others.

Trained an efficient technical and production team

For our Garment Manufacturing groups, we mainly use our fabrics during the manufacturing process. Besides, we are also able to offer our customers fabric alternatives for their existing collections thus, create important added values in terms of pricing, quality and delivery terms.

Set up a stable and fast-reaction supply chain

Set up a stable and fast-reaction supply chain Strategic alliance with representative Clothing manufacturers and Life Style products in Ethiopia, Europe and nearby countries which enables a short-time delivery accommodating to sales conditions and dispersion of risk.

We Develop the Fashion Brands of Tomorrow!

Set up a worldwide sales network

A Strong Relationship with European and USA Customers. With its proven performance to create many hot-selling products every season and keeps stable deals with them. Now we are exporting both fabrics and suits to USA, Europe, China, Japan with the total value of more than 500,000 US Dollars per month. And we have business with the customers more than 10 countries. Further more, we entered into Ethiopia uniform business with Custom office, Republic Guard, Federal Housing Corporation and other potential different customers.

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